Grangers Fabsil Gold – The Ultimate Silicone Proofer for All Fabric Types

Grangers Fabsil Gold – The Ultimate Silicone Proofer for All Fabric Types

Grangers Fabsil Gold – The Ultimate Silicone Proofer for All Fabric Types

Are you tired of your outdoor gear getting soaked in the rain? Look no further! Introducing Grangers Fabsil Gold, the ultimate silicone proofer that will keep your gear dry and protected. With its high-strength formula and paint-on application, Fabsil Gold is suitable for all fabric types, ensuring maximum waterproofing and durability.

Why Choose Grangers Fabsil Gold?

Grangers Fabsil Gold is the go-to choice for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike. Here’s why:

1. High-Strength Silicone Proofer

Unlike other waterproofing products, Fabsil Gold is specially formulated with a high-strength silicone solution. This means it provides superior protection against water, ensuring your gear stays dry even in the harshest conditions.

2. Paint-On Application

Applying Fabsil Gold is a breeze! Simply paint it onto your gear using a brush or sponge. The paint-on application ensures an even coating, allowing the silicone proofer to penetrate deep into the fabric fibers for long-lasting waterproofing.

3. Suitable for All Fabric Types

Whether you have a waterproof jacket, tent, backpack, or any other outdoor gear, Fabsil Gold is suitable for all fabric types. It works effectively on nylon, polyester, cotton, and even breathable fabrics, providing universal protection for all your gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the waterproofing last?

A: The waterproofing effect of Fabsil Gold can last up to 2 years, depending on the frequency of use and exposure to harsh weather conditions.

Q: Can I use Fabsil Gold on my leather boots?

A: No, Fabsil Gold is designed for fabric materials only. For leather boots, we recommend using a specialized leather waterproofing product.

Q: Is Fabsil Gold safe for the environment?

A: Yes, Fabsil Gold is environmentally friendly and does not contain any harmful chemicals. It is safe to use outdoors without causing harm to plants, animals, or water sources.


Grangers Fabsil Gold is the ultimate solution for waterproofing your outdoor gear. Its high-strength silicone formula, paint-on application, and suitability for all fabric types make it the go-to choice for adventurers and professionals. Don’t let the rain ruin your outdoor experience – protect your gear with Fabsil Gold and stay dry in any weather!