FUNLIO Wooden Toy Storage Box (3pcs)

FUNLIO Wooden Toy Storage Box (3pcs)

FUNLIO Wooden Toy Storage Box (3pcs)

Discover the FUNLIO Wooden Toy Storage Box (3pcs), a stackable and colorful toy storage solution for kids. Perfect for the living room or bedroom. Easy to carry and assemble.

1. In 1 Toy Box & Stool, Cute Colorful Fruit Design

The FUNLIO wooden toy box serves a dual purpose – storage and sitting. Your baby can play their little storage game and sit on it comfortably when feeling tired. The cute fruit design with bright colors also acts as a smart room decoration, adding a warm atmosphere to your living room or bedroom. Please note that the maximum weight-bearing capacity as a stool is 22.7kg/50lbs. If your child weighs more than this, please do not use the box as a stool.

2. Stackable in Various Forms, Free Combination & Sort Toys

These 3 toy boxes are stackable, allowing for free combination and easy sorting of toys. The top side parts fit perfectly with each other, ensuring stability. The half-open front design allows you to see the toys inside clearly, making it easier for you and your baby to divide the toys into different sections. Stack the boxes in different ways, and your baby can easily grab the toys they are interested in on different days. A practical toy chest set.

3. CPC & CE Certified, Safe & Smooth

Safety is our top priority. The FUNLIO toy chest for kids has been tested and certified by CPC in the US and CE in the EU. The scientific structure design ensures stability, and the screw section design protects the wood from damage, providing a safe sitting experience for your baby. The box surface is painted with safety paint, making it smooth to the touch. The handle is curved and smooth, making it convenient for your baby to carry.

4. Perfect Baby Gift, Easy to Assemble

The package includes 3 toy boxes, each measuring 30.2cm*29.5cm*30.2cm(11.9”*11.6”*11.9”). When stacked together, the dimensions will be 30.2cm*29.5cm*81cm (11.9”*11.6”*31.9”). The maximum weight-bearing capacity of each box as a stool is 22.7kg/50lbs. These boxes are easy to assemble, taking only about 10 minutes to complete. They would make a great baby gift for birthdays, baby showers, Children’s Days, Christmas, and other occasions.

5. 30 Days Return Policy & 1 Year Free Replacement

FUNLIO strives to provide our customers with the best wooden toy boxes. Our kids’ toy chests have been certified by CPC in the USA and CE in the EU. We promise to do everything we can to ensure that you or your loved ones are 100% satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please feel free to send us a message. We offer a 30-day return policy and 1-year free replacement.